How much should I order?

What a great question! The answer depends on several factors:
  1. How many guests will be at your event?
  2. Your distribution method -- Do you want each guest to have an envelope? Will they be taking handfuls? Are we thinking cannons?
  3. How many times do you want them to be able to toss?
  4. Do you want extra for table decorations or to have around for your next party?
We suggest at least 2 tablespoons (1 Small Glassine Envelope) per guest for 1 toss each as a minimum starting point (think about 2 tablespoons of rice in your hand, as it mimics rice in size and shape, although not in weight - even the heaviest colors of Ecofetti is still much lighter than rice).

4-6 Tablespoons each (Medium-Large Glassine Envelopes) will give them each 1 large toss or 2 small tosses.

Although cones are adorable, we have heard through the years that it is a nightmare to distribute them.

If your guests will be taking handfuls, we suggest at least 5 Tablespoons per guest (or more). 

To estimate how many bags of our biodegradable confetti you will need for your eco-friendly celebration using other distribution methods, use dry rice at home with your given method or visualize rice in your hand. We suggest ordering a bit more Ecofetti rather than a bit less than your estimate. (We have also estimated on the slightly generous side, as we would prefer to over-deliver rather than under-deliver. You can always use extra to decorate tables or save for another celebration, but it is unpleasant to not get as much as you need, and these volumes are, by nature, unable to be precise, as different colors behave differently and different people measure differently.)

So, to estimate, you will want to multiply your number of guests by the number of tablespoons you want them to have, then you can more easily figure out how many bags or boxes you will need. 

Ecofetti Bags are 9 Cups (a little over 100 Tablespoons) each.

Each Cubic Foot Box contains well over 126 cups (at least 1400 Tablespoons) of Ecofetti.

So, for instance, if you have 200 guests and want them to just take a handful or two from a large bowl, you will want 200 x 10 Tablespoons or 2000 tablespoons. Which would be 20 bags (a little over 100 Tblsp each).

If you will need 8 or more bags, we suggest moving over to Cubic Foot Boxes, as it is an immense savings and less packaging. These are also best for filling cannons, theater or school use, sensory bins, and so much more!

How many Boxes you should order for cannons is a volume estimate based on how large and how many cannons you want.

If you need help with your estimate or visualizing, don't hesitate to Contact Us.

Looking forward to being a part of your celebration!