What is Ecofetti?

Ecofetti® is the best water-soluble, non-toxic, and biodegradable confetti on the market! It is cornstarch-based and is dyed with food coloring, so it is non-toxic (not food grade) and safe to disperse in any environment, even around animals. 

We are also a tiny family business, now owned and operated by two sisters, Adlissa and Nishi. Ecofetti was invented in 2001 by our loving second mom, Liz, so it is the original biodegradable confetti and truly helps our family feel valuable to you, our human brethren, and to our beautiful Earth.

We continue to strive for sustainable business practices every day – for instance, Ecofetti comes in compostable bags and is shipped in recycled boxes. We source our material from the United States, and our final biodegradable confetti is manufactured right here in South Carolina. So, it is 100% made in America.

After your event, simply hose your confetti away or let nature help with the cleanup! On grass, Ecofetti takes 3-5 hours of heavy rain to completely disappear, depending on dispersal, but it will be barely visible after 15-20 minutes. (Be sure to sweep it from concrete, bricks, etc., because disintegration takes longer on these porous surfaces.)

Ecofetti was invented for weddings, but is wonderful for any celebration and truly looks fantastic in photos! 

Our mission has always been to provide the most superior product possible for a wedding toss, outdoor graduations, parades, and parties, or any eco-friendly celebration ~